I am Prashant Shahane, holds a professional experience in Animation & VFX industry for more than 13 years. I have worked with huge firms like ‘EROS International’(EYEQUBE Studios), Pixion, Prime Focus, UTV and Future Thought. I would briefly describe my work experience with big, medium, individual and team freelancing projects with MTV (India), STAR, Channel V, VAIBHAV MORE FILMS, Onion Skin, INVISIBLE RABBIT, JACK IN THE BOX that are parallel with the TV Commercials.
My strength is I work as CG Generalist and supervise 3D projects. My present role is a 3D supervisor at Trace VFX solutions who is a private limited firm. Currently, we are working on international commercials. I have grown my knowledge in managing their pipeline projects and forecasting the risk and benefits. As a Team Lead to my 3D/VFx team I take the responsibility to blend my team to manage high quality timely deliverables. Along with people management I am keen to grow my network across the industry.

Prashant Shahane

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